• Windows Live Writer 2008

    Oh, I'm posting from Windows Live Writer, one of the Windows Live Product. I found that it's quite good, giving me first impression easily. From what I see recently--since Office 2007 or more specifically OneNote, I think Microsoft have done really good job about usability of their software; even though, Vista is what all folks complained about--I will talk about that later though.

    Windows Live Writer is for writing. I doubt that what it's really for. At first I thought is sort of OneNote but it's actually, Windows Live Blogger! It will help anyone posting a blog very easy from your Windows PC. Whatever blog you have from Windows Live Space, SharePoint Webblog, Blogger, or even your WordPress; this program will recognize by itself, damned easy!! what I have to know is my blog address, user, and password. And I mean that's it. Windows Live Writer will find anything in a minute for ready to post! I can do almost everything I should have to do--setting category, inserting any object, adding plug-ins, setting publish date, editing the post that publishing via the program itself or adding tag for any tag providers you like. I don't know what else to say; it's better than posting on blogger via Picasa for sure.

    windows live writer

    What I really like is I can save draft on my PC for publishing later or preview like it already published on your blog. You've got to see it for real.

    However, why it's version 2008 I have no idea :-P but newbies products from Microsoft are really changing the way they were before. It's clean and easy but still tweakable. Maybe Microsoft is trying to show that it's still far superior than its opponents; who knows? wait for Leopard hits the shelves and see if it still is.

  • A weirdo case--can surf only on ie, while others have no connection.

    This is my first time that I can't get computer works as I want and in the time I work. Oh! darn! I really don't have any idea how to do it since I have no another computer with me. No excuse I can't fix that.

    The symptom is it works almost the same as usual but you cannot connect to the internet at all (but LAN is connected to DSL modem successfully) except ie which you can surf to the internet almost perfectly. That thing is there is something blocks the popular mail site for logging in. I mean I can login to Yahoo! Mail via mobile site and go to http://mail.yahoo.com without any problem! What the heck is that? that makes me stupid for a while.

    What I had done is trying to disable almost everything unnecessary from startup; the result is LAN is connected as usual; I mean I can login to Modem via HTTP ( but I can't go to other sites at all. Then I set the startup as default; what I got is slow (surely) and only ie that can connect the internet, besides most web-mails.

    x Hosts file
    x Startup program

    :-( desperate me, I never think of this moment but I won't give up.

    Now I have 1 suspect which is expired Norton Antivirus that I can't uninstall at first due to broken registry and lots of spyware & worms. I mean I really can't uninstall or re-install by common way. So I might need a backup--but who else around me can help this! (Norton remove tool and how to manually move Norton out of the system) I will try these two ways to see if it works. Keep up!

  • What is so good and bad of Windows Home Server

    home serverAbout several months ago, I have participated Windows Home Server Beta Test. It's a Windows 2003 tweaked for home use as its name. It works pretty well--duplicating data, organizing, and backing up all PCs in home network. However I don't know if it's worth $199 or more--as rumors. $150 should be very interesting price point for this OS though. Yet what I really like in Home Server is:-

    1. Automatically backup all of your PCs in the network: automatically means truly automatic, you don't have to do anything--just leave the computer on, the home server will communicate with all PCs and synchonize the hard drive to its storage--all data really. If you are one of the fan of Norton Ghost, I bet you will love this Home Server because not only backup automatically, but also restore pretty easy and fast too--using Windows Home Server CD and boot it in the program. Then choose which partition is the one. After 20-25mins, it's like time machine.

    2. Remote access to any computer in home network; this feature is really useful not only sharing the file over the Internet but also making the remote connection to *any* PC on home network too. This really makes people so convenient to do whatever they want like they sit in front of their own computer at home. Kudos to Microsoft for livenode.com domain (eventually changing to homeserver.com for RTM version and later) to synchronize the home network IP intelligently, so we don't have to use DynDns or No-IP anymore :-P

    These two features above are what I really like about WHS; however, there are what I don't like as well--maybe it's what it should included in WHS.

    1. Backing-up-over-network really makes other works get slowly and waste a lot of time. I don't know whether I am exaggerate or not but I really feel it. So I set WHS to back up other computer around 1am - 3am which is not effecting my work. There is still a problem left which is you have to pay your electrical bill more a bit :-P If WHS can wake other computers and shut them down automatically, it should be ideal. Just to wake up it should not be a problem much but to shut them down after finished backing up might be a bit hard. I hope there will be a solution for this soon.

    2. Requiring such a complex password. This is what I really hate about WHS. Since it requires all computers to use the same user and password as the ones in WHS, all users in desktop and laptop have to have complex password as well. That's really suck idea for home network! I don't care about security much in home network because I want all my family to use computers easily--I don't think my mom will try to remember such that complex. This rule is just not suitable for most ordinary people :-P I don't think everyone at home is computer geek though.

    note: there is a way to trick this as well but it's just not practical >> link here

    3. I really like WHS included Media Center!! The thing is I don't want to leave all my PCs on, so this solution should be great idea; maybe it's just only working on recording by schedule; it doesn't have to broadcast live TV on this machine. Therefore, it will not handle that much load. Media Extender will come to play another rule Oh, please I really like to have this.

    note: there is SageTV 6.26 RC - Stream Digital Media from WHS now; I will try and tell about it soon

    All in all, there is a place for Add-in programs, I hope there will be programs that fulfill the lacking features very soon! So far so great, Windows Home Sever! This is really nice idea of organizing computers in your home. While I'm using RC right now, I always check and hope for OEM to hit NewEgg at the right price! Another thing is Home server products from any vendor should be really interesting, I can't wait to see it!'

    check out more info at http://mswhs.com/

  • how to config Samba server and user

    First, I was switching from all time Windows user to Linux user, more specifically Ubuntu–first Linux that I can use regularly. I was wondering if I can share files over the network with Windows as well. I know that there is Samba service out there but I don’t know how to configure it properly. I messed things up as usual; all I knew to make it work is editing /etc/samba/smb.conf as security=share. Then I could get in there easily but no protection at all. Now I know, so I think it might be a good idea to explain in my ways instead of reading any-distro-docs which sometimes is too complex for novice users.

    First of all, you have to install Samba server. I won’t go through this process because if you don’t know about this, you have to find out and get used to Linux first. My recommendation is trying with Debian, such as Ubuntu. It’s really easy to understand.

    Second, we have to configure the smb.conf file. This time you have to be as “root” to make a share folder. You have 2 choices here, GUI or editing the file. I found that GUI is easy to understand but I can’t get it work for some reasons, thus I choose the traditional way :-P

    After we already created share folders, we have to create a user for Samba too. This the point I misunderstood for a while; I thought that Samba will use the user from the system; however, it’s not and system and Samba user are not the same as well.

    These 3 steps are all you have to do to make it work perfectly. I brief all the processes first so you can imagine what we are doing in each step.

    for editing Samba configuration file (smb.conf) you have to get in there

    sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf

    once you get in there you will find a lot of comments and samples; you may go through the file for more understanding of each. However, we will pay attention to how to set share folder.

    path = /media/hdax/xxx/
    comment = whatever you want
    available = yes
    browsable = yes
    public = yes
    writable = yes/no

    This is what you have to insert at the end of the file. After you put the proper value, you will be able to see this share from another Windows PCs. However, you can’t browse the file right now because of login window. Whatever user and password you fill are not working :-P Don’t be surprise, that’s normal. You still have to know 2 more values which are

    valid user = user-name
    guest ok = yes/no

    the first one, valid user, is which user you give permission to read and/or write. Another one, guest ok, is to enable guest user which is read-only user.

    After this step, if you enable guest user, you will be able to see the share folder without any problem. If not, you still have to go on setting user.

    For creating user, you will run the smbpasswd utility to create user and password

    sudo smbpasswd -a user-name

    Then you have to add that user to smbusers file

    sudo gedit /etc/samba/smbusers

    What you have to put in there is this form

    system-user-name = "smb-user-name"

    As you see, you may use Samba username (is what you add in smbpasswd) that differs from your username in the system depending on choice of preference.

    All these methods above, you will be able to make many share folders with many conditions as you wish :-P

    Note: If you just want to share all share folders without any restricts, you may change the line security = user in smb.conf to security = share and that’s all set.

  • Cannot double click to open any drive, you are infected!

    I haven't had a chance to meet this virus myself for long time since I heard this symptom happened to my mom's computer and you know what? I thought it's a registry broken. I had tried to edit my mom's registry but no luck. I couldn't do anything other than this though because I didn't see it myself. However, the time is come. :-P First I saw this symptom is like some programs override the default shell of Drive. What happen is you have to right--click on drive, just to open it. And you will see Auto-bold to show that's default of double click action. As you know, it's just like nothing happen; nonetheless, the virus is activated and spreads into your computer. This virus, aka "flashy" family, use flash or external drives as medium to spread. However, it doesn't effect other tasks at all, as I know--pls correct me if I'm wrong.

    The tool I found is pretty easy to use, just double click and wait. You may find that seems like your computer almost freeze, but don't worry it's not. When everything turns to normal, your computer is good to go.

    Try by yourself and happy with powerful of double click that you used to.

    download: >>Flash_Disinfector.zip<< (I need to zip it for secured reasons)

    ref: data about file type association in Windows that I found--it doesn't help fix this symptom but may be nice thing to know