• Epson Linux Driver

    Sometimes Linux distro doesn’t really ship with necessary drivers and Epson main website doesn’t care having one. This website, http://avasys.jp/eng/linux_driver/ had been a good service for a while. Now, here you go, Epson Japanese site is taking over.

    In short, if drivers are available, I’m a happy customer.

  • Why should we have 3rd-party sign-in?


    After many security vulnerabilities at many sites, Ubuntu forums, for example, has turned sign-in system into only-Ubuntu One-option. This is really interesting. The reason behind is simple: keeping sensitive data like password hash far away from not-so-secure-data like forum topics and stuffs. This eliminates a lot of stress on a forum side which a team behind forum can only focus on how to make community happy, not security audit every now and then. While another team on Ubuntu One will be responsible on make things as secure as possible with one focus in mind, providing user identity.

    In case of smaller teams, they also have tons of options: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and so on. Not only don’t users have to worry about forgetting different passwords on different sites, users also gets top-notch security from providers they trust. Moreover, user could careless things like man-in-the-middle attack on public wireless network. For example,

    Google auto sign-in

    I’m using Android and about to login on some websites while I’m sitting in coffee shop. If the website I want to get in has only own website login, what I need to do is filling out user and password. Yep, on the worst case, someone else might be doing ARP-poisoning and unfortunately it’s not that difficult at all. At the end of the day, my login and password are compromised. It will only get worse if I use much the same login and password on multiple sites/services. However, if the website provides something like Google login option. The scenario would be changed entirely since when I tap on login with Google, browser would jump to Google login page which Browser would give you an extra option to sign in with your account on your mobile device. Soon as you choose the account, boom! you are logged on. As a result, you don’t even have to expose any of sensitive data explicitly. All processes are done via temporary token which needed to prove your identity.

    All in all, I think it’s great to have a simpler solution, and more importantly more secure solution. This should be implemented to all web services. It doesn’t matter whether it’s OpenID, Mozilla Persona, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and so on. As long as you use the service from company you trust, it’s still a safer solution than implementing your own.

  • Ubuntu Edge - Formula 1 in mobile world

    Ubuntu Edge

    If you never heard of it, you should go check out at indiegogo.com. Basically it's a canonical team effort to build up their own mobile OS game. How does 4.5" screen, 4GB RAM & 128GB storage (in May 2014) sound to you? Not to mention, HDMI output acting like your Ubuntu desktop -- which is the one I hope they would get it done right. After all, though it looks good and/or sounds great, all we can hope so far is Edge will be up to people's expectation. IMHO, I don't particularly like what they've done with Ubuntu Unity. (I much prefer Cinnamon when it comes to GUI.) Maybe, this might lure me to Ubuntu. If not, rolling back to Android (AOSP) which is officially supported is an option.

    $32M isn't that easy to reach, but roughly 40,000 Ubuntu Edges in a wild if this happens. Who knows? It might change mobile space entirely.

    ps. I had never backed any Indiegogo project before this one. You might like to know that they do work quite different to Kickstarter. They took your money upfront, unlike Kickstarter. I don't know if I like the idea, but heck, I put my faith into many things already. Why not this one, right?

  • Flash player installation issue on OSX

    I was on Mountain Lion and Firefox whined that current flash player was vulnerable. However, I couldn't seems to get a regular setup file to work properly.

    Adobe Flash Player Setup

    I've tried to install many times, including doing uninstaller and reinstalling. Nothing worked. It always didn't response to mouse cursor at an auto-update choices dialog.

    Solution: Download offline setup file from http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/distribution3.html and everything will be fine once again. I surely hope Adobe addresses this soon.

  • VNC client on OSX

    I was using Chicken of the VNC for a long time without knowing that OSX does have its own VNC client. I do not know if this comes with Mountain Lion or not.

    However, this little app is like Grapher; you don’t really see unless you find for it. It’s calledScreen Sharing. It’s in:


    The easiest way for me to get there is opening up Terminal, type open/System/Library/CoreServices You will see many files. Look for Screen Sharing. There you go.

    It’s the easiest, quickest VNC client so far. Surely, you can capture screen, scroll with guesture and almost everything you can imagine. Oh and it’s built-in. I can take control over my Ubuntu one very very easy as shown below.