• TeraCopy – the solution to slow multiple copies

    If you face situations, such as, very very slow copy files when you drag a file at a time to another drive or NAS, you might want to try this tool out. It does integrate to your regular work flow without an interrupt since you can just basically do the same—drag & drop again and again. Teracopy will catch that and put in the queue automatically.

    TeraCopy - Queue

    I dragged and dropped files twice, an above figure was what I got. TeraCopy put the second batch on queue waiting for the first batch to finish first. This way is the most efficient way to do so and I constantly got around 40MB/s over gigabit LAN while I practically couldn’t achieve this if using only Windows Explorer. As you might already notice, Explorer will share throughput for each, but, in practice, Windows couldn’t share that efficiently. The speed will decrease dramatically over the time.

    Enough said, Teracopy is such a nice alternative to stock Windows Explorer copy handler. As of yet, I have no disadvantage of having Teracopy. It is that cool. oh better yet, free version is more than enough!

    Note: There are quite a number of similar applications like this, such as, SuperCopier, FastCopy, etc. If I have a chance to try them and they are better, I’ll surely update. Also, if you have experienced them, I would love to hear too.

    SuperCopier2.2: People claimed that it gives better performance than Teracopy, but for me, it lacks of a queue feature. Therefore, it doesn’t qualify for me. As shown below, overall transfer speed over gigabit LAN is <10MB/s which is what we normally get with stock copy handler.


  • Apple iPad – too big or just the right size

    Apple iPad First of all, how the hell Apple manages to get *4:3 IPS panel* at this time while no others even care to get one. Kudos to Apple for that.

    I don’t know what Apple plan for iPad; some says to beat netbook to death; some says to beat tablet pc; some says to create new category; whatever that is, I know Apple will find the way to establish their products well, regardless how big market share would be. When I first saw iPad, my react is like, “hmm they really did that!? I love to buy one,” but  when I got to specification and realized that it is 9” screen; it gave me a big pause, here. 9” is way to big to consider as on-the-go device and one-hand operation, I don’t know really how I’m going to use it if I have one.

    Well, it’s iPhone OS. I’m not sure if that is a good choice for such a big device like this. If it were 7”, that would be awesome with iPhone OS. I guess I gotta tryout on this. The only reason why Apple use iPhone OS I see is the thinness since it runs on ARM CPU; I can’t imagine Apple uses such a low end stuff like Atom either. Imagine that Steve Jobs claimed that Apple works with Intel specifically to have such a powerful CPU package named Atom. Nah, it just never works out well.

    ipad keyboard God almighty huge on-screen keyboard! That looks good. I think it will beat any on-screen keyboard indeed and yet, it might beat Apple own real physical keyboard as well since I have no clue why the heck they have that uncomfortable, thin and no tactile feedback for bigass iMac.

    On the couch, it will be one of the hell device out there—no arguement here. I would love to see how IdeaPad U1 goes too since it’s basically the same thing as iPad, just differrent OS, which Apple already proved their supremacy, while Lenovo is just newbie. However, I can’t see iPad being used anywhere else. We’ll see if my imagination is too short here.

    In short, this is just one of million opinions on iPad. We’ll see how it’s going to change when iPad releases.

  • Lenovo Ideapad U1 – fantastic 2

    LenovoIdeaPadU1Hybrid21_thumbIt’s good to see new idea implemented. Now it’s Lenovo’s turn. The idea of having tablet and the base is not that new since always innovating introduced a while ago although they don’t do mass production as of yet [or can’t build enough.] However, Lenovo came up with a similar idea, but it seems to be much more practical. Instead of having 1 machine which can be separated into 2 pieces, they decided to have 2 separated machines that can be merged into 1 device. Really interesting!

    A tablet part is running by 1GHz ARM processor, 16GB SSD, Wifi-n, 3G, resistive touch, webcam, and battery. It’s powered by Lenovo-customized version of Linux. A base part is another machine running by Core 2 processor, standard HDD, memory, HDMI, Wifi-n [another NIC for base!!], and battery which is operated by Windows 7. You might wonder if they can really run as 2 devices; They can! according to laptopmag.com. You can use your TV or monitor plug to HDMI for the base while playing with the tablet part somewhere else.

    How do they work? There is some sort of synchronizing program when 2 parts are joined. You will not lose anything when running on each device. For example, you are browsing Google Reader on tablet part. When you merge it to the base, that page will show in Windows 7 too. Well, I’m looking forward to it!

    Lenovo blog says it is believed to cost $999 as starting price point and will be available in April, 2010. Not too shabby.

    More information:
    Hand-on video @ laptopmag.com
    A lot of pictures @ pocket-lint.com
    Inside info @ Lenovo blog

  • Pandora is real now; so close!

    well, I wish I had Pandora with me now. MWeston was showing/playing trying to make us want Pandora even more !!

    Like someone in the community said, "take your damn time, but it's better be damn good."

    Yeah, I can see that's coming!! hold your breath, it's so darn close now.

  • Windows or Mac or any OS – they all are the same

    Mac OS X crashes


    Regardless of OS  we choose, it’s always giving us problems and also pleasures. No more arguing since you probably have seen tons of BSOD or error dialog from Windows; Mac OS is the same story. They all are '”garbage in, garbage out.” Nothing is perfect in the world. Just choose what you like and get the best out of it.

    Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!